• Milwaukee Rallies for Family Unity

Statement: President Obama Has No Reason To Delay Executive Action

In reaction to President Obama’s June 30th immigration comments, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera, issued the following statement:
“Today for the first time, the President promised to act independently of a failed Congress to modernize our immigration policies through executive action.  He has no reason to wait, and every day that he does means increased suffering for immigrant communities.  By the end of the summer, when the President has implied that he will consider action, another 66,000 families will have been separated.  
Months ago, Voces de la Frontera and other advocates submitted a broad set of specific policy change proposals to the Department of Homeland Security, as formal recommendations to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.  
One of those recommendations, which could be implemented in under 30 days, is for the federal immigration agents to stop arresting people at courthouses, and for the administration to deem courthouses a “sensitive location”, along with churches and schools. These raids are occurring when individuals are simply trying to do their civic duty, jeopardizing the hopes of people to legalize, and undermining public safety by creating fear and distrust of law enforcement.
In Wisconsin, a coalition of elected officials, organizations, and families have supported this call. In May, US Congresswoman Gwen Moore spearheaded a letter requesting that courthouses be off limits to ICE, which 59 Members of Congress signed.  During Congressional hearings, Sec. Johnson agreed with this recommendation.  
Given the President’s comments today, there is no reason that this recommendation shouldn’t be at the top of the administration’s to-do list.”
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Milwaukee ICE Raid Bond Fundraiser


Osvin Ayala, whose father Antonio was detained, at Milwaukee’s emergency rally in response to the May 27th raids. After posting bond, his father is out on bail, but still faces deportation proceedings. 


On Tuesday, May 27th 22 people were taken from their homes and workplaces during an immigration raid conducted in partnership with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Milwaukee Police Department.  We are raising money to help the families cover the cost of their bonds, which, if they are all granted a bond, for 22 people would be a minimum of $33,000 (the minimum cost of bond for immigration purposes is $1,500).Any amount that you donate will be GREATLY appreciated by the families of these 22 victims.  Most of them have small children and are the main breadwinners in their family.
***PLEASE consider making a donation and encouraging your friends, family, congregation, and social circles to do the same!
ATTENTION: Donors should understand that their donation will be recycled back into the Voces de la Frontera Emergency Fund after the bond is returned.  The VDLF Emergency Fund is used to pay bond, lawyer fees, emergency rent payments, and emergency grocery costs specifically for families going through deportation proceedings and in detention.
El martes 27 de mayo, 22 personas fueron arrestadas en sus casas y lugares de trabajo durante una redada de inmigración que fue dirigida en conjunto con el departamento de policía de Milwaukee e Inmigración.  Estamos recaudando fondos para ayudar a las familias afectadas a cubrir el costo de las fianzas, lo cual, si les dan fianza a todos, seria un total de $33,000 (la fianza mínima es $1,500).
Cualquier cantidad que usted puede donar sería MUY apreciada por las familias de estas 22 víctimas. La mayoría de ellos tienen hijos pequeños y son la cabeza de casa en sus familias.  ***POR FAVOR considere hacer una donación y pedirle a sus parientes, amigos, congregaciones, y círculos sociales que hagan lo mismo!
ATENCIÓN: Donantes deben entender que su donación será reciclada a la cuenta de emergencias de Voces de la Frontera después de que la fianza se regrese.  La Cuenta de Emergencias de VDLF es para ayudar a cubrir los costos de fianzas, abogados, pagos de renta y comida en situaciones de emergencia para familias con seres queridos en procedimientos de deportación o en detención.
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As President Obama Announces Delay of Immigration Relief, Impact Hits Milwaukee


Milwaukee families call for the release of  loved ones at the local ICE office. (Joe Brusky Photography)

Contact: Joe Shansky, Voces de la Frontera 414.795.3380, joe@vdlf.org

Dozens of local families separated as ICE raids sweep the city 

On Tuesday May 27th dozens of Milwaukeeans were taken from their homes and workplaces by local law enforcement, working in conjunction with Immigration Customs & Enforcement (ICE) officials. 

“No family should have to endure this kind of harassment, ” says Silvia Juarez, whose cousin Epigmenio Martinez-Ruiz is now at the Dodge County detention center.

Epigmenio has no criminal record and a US citizen daughter, eight year old Tatiana.  He came to the US before 2001, and has been working throughout the past decade as a foundry worker in Milwaukee.  He attends mass at St. Anthony’s church.
Voces de la Frontera is in the process of working with many of the families impacted yesterday to protect them from extended detention or deportation.
“We’re tired of this invasion of our communities,” says Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera.  “Every day our office sees families like those affected by yesterday’s raids who are reeling from these attacks.  Often it’s mothers and children left to fend for themselves after a male head of household is detained – and who in many cases are faced with homelessness.  Our families are in crisis, and we will fight to protect them.”
The raids occurred just as news broke of President Obama asking his Homeland Security chief to postpone completing a review of U.S. deportation policies until the end of the summer.  The decision was made after a coalition of Washington DC advocacy groups requested the delay to allow for time for Congress to act first for legislative reform.

“The decision by the Obama administration to hold off on administrative relief is deplorable,” says Neumann-Ortiz.

“It’s a complete capitulation to conservatives that have been blocking reform for years, and demonstrates a fundamental disconnect with the plight and suffering of immigrant families. There’s no justification to delay on fixing a deportation machinery that is fueled by arbitrary quotas, xenophobia, and private prison profits. President Obama must act independently of the Congress to reform the very apparatus he helped institutionalize and grow.”

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